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Universal Soul Retrieval


Universal soul retrieval is a multifaceted healing that returns lost soul parts to the client and clears negative energies.

Universal Soul Retrieval


Universal Soul Retrieval

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When a human being experiences any type of trauma, physical or emotional, a small part of the soul will fragment off and break away from the whole. This soul loss, which can accumulate over many lifetimes, can literally leave a person feeling lost, isolated and vulnerable.

Soul retrieval is perhaps the most powerful healing modality a shaman has to offer. Its origins go back to 12,000 BC to the Tungus tribe of Siberia named one person Sha-mon. Sha meaning ‘to know.’

Back to the modern day, my teacher, Keith Robinson, has harnessed and passed on the modality of Universal Soul Retrieval. The ability to ‘travel’ through space/time to retrieve all lost soul parts for the client. This service includes negative energy release, karmic release, curse removal and practical messages that may be given to the client.

The results of this work are life changing and I include testimonials from previous clients HERE.

You can also read more about Universal Soul Retrieval HERE.

Upon payment you will be sent a confirmation email and I will begin the work, providing regular reports as the work progresses. The payment is tiered based on the self assessment of your own financial circumstances:

Above national average salary - £120

Average Salary - £100

Low income or unemployed - £80

Payment terms are not spoken of again and are kept confidential.

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