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This is often the starting point for most people and allows us both to uncover the problems and their causes. When a person knows something is wrong or undesirable in their behaviour pattern, but they are unable to pinpoint the cause, talking this through with someone completely unassociated with their daily life can be the first step to healing.

It allows the person and the shaman to move into the prescription of what may need to be done in a shamanic capacity, or by the client in daily life. These sessions have no strict time limit but usually last no longer than two hours. Each client goes at their own individual pace, allowing sufficient time to process between each session, there is no maximum or minimum number for sessions, there is no set time in between sessions. It is all done at a pace to suit the client.

For some people there may not necessarily be a problem, more of a curiosity. The spirit world has been calling and it’s time to delve deeper.

When it comes to shamanic counselling, many methods are available on top of the traditional processes, and we may well be working with the drum, the tarot and other methods depending on the client’s needs.

The approach is holistic as their is no one size fits all cookie cutter approach. Each person and healing requires its own unique approach.

£40 per session