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As souls we reside in physical bodies and are intricately connected to them. How we care for our body and what we nourish it with is a huge determining factor in our quality of life.

Quite often many emotional/psychological issues can be healed in part by nutrition changes. How the body interacts with its numerous working parts is fuelled by your nutrition and dependent on your environment. Nutritional deficiencies, damaged organs and poor digestion can all lead to disease and sub optimal functioning.

Many people have nutrition down to an exact science but the shamanic approach is 50% science, 50% listening to the body and what it needs. I have spent almost a decade working in nutrition/health and fitness and have seen the trends and fads come and go.

At its core nutrition is really simple and the health and fitness industry tends to thrive in the confusion it creates. With simplicity in mind we can rebuild your nutrition to suit your needs.

As with the counselling there is no one size fits all approach and everything is tailored to the individual client. The time spent with me is very practical and involves working with various herbs and spices as well as cooking delicious, health promoting food in the kitchen.

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