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The Misunderstood Ego


For those that are ready to take their consiousness to a new level of awareness. The blog discusses everything from shamanism, soul retrieval, universal soul retrieval, plants, nutrition, psychedelics, environment and life. 


The Misunderstood Ego

Neil Kirwan

There’s a huge confusion going on in conversations the world over and it involves a complete misunderstanding of the term ego. Almost every article I’ve read about the subject is littered with the writers own sense of self, and whilst not a problem in itself, it is at the very least ironic when they’re condemning the ego.

The term ego or one’s own ego has become something to lose, kill, avoid or diminish within many spiritual teachings and dogmas. It’s basically a bad thing. The term ego in itself has become a casual insult or put down to try and illustrate that someone is self centred and/or inconsiderate of others.

This insult is also a game of one up man ship. By condemning someone’s ego or the size of it, you are without question making the point that they do not have their shit together and you, as an observer of them, do have your shit together. Which ironically serves to inflate your own sense of self over theirs. as you look down upon and chastise them.

And so this ridiculous game of virtuosity and superiority begins to proliferate across the world and we have the emergence of what people describe as the spiritual ego. So far, so ridiculous. 

The ego is not your enemy, and taking this line will only create more of what you are trying to diminish. Egos everywhere chasing their own tail and playing an unwinnable game of seek and destroy, in order that they might somehow transcend or ascend to a higher level. A place in space and time or beyond it, that will definitely be better and more loving than this earthly existence. The existence of right here and right now.

The ego is not just your amigo, it is you!

For now at least.

The ego is simply form, it is the structure of who you are in the world, the lens through which you experience it. You could lose it and go back to pure consciousness, but you’ll only end up back as form looking to experience again.

Without what we call ego there is nothing, there is no I to experience and without this I we cannot learn about the thing we hold in highest esteem, love. 

To express this love there must be an I and a thou or multiples of a thou. 

The phrase I love you, involves two egos for sure. The phrase I love everyone, well, there’s a whole lot of ego in that one sentence.

A reframe

And for the inconsiderate and disrespectful, the people that do harm. Well that’s the ego too, that’s you. Don’t even try to tell me you haven’t to yourself or others. If you’re here in duality then you have and even if you've experienced unity, you’re still in duality right now, nestled firmly inside a bubble of unity.

In these situations we weren’t any greater or lesser of an ego, we were always the same. We were just learning, we were experiencing. The ones that trigger you, upset you and disagree with you. Teachers and friends they all are. Beloved they become.

The ego is constant in this material plain of physical experience, it is a blessing and a gift. How ungrateful would we have to be to try and destroy it? Nirvana exists in this very moment for those that can love it.

"Spiritual materialism is rampant, and a life filled with spirit is a rarity. I don't care how many crystals you have, how vegan your food is, or whether your Venus is in Jupiter since the last time you blamed your problems on the moon. If the way we carry and express ourselves condemns others while lifting ourselves, then we're as off-target as the people we're condemning. I drink with the thinkers and smoke with the preachers and I've never met a good man that believed he has the answers. Let your personality be your greatest work of art, and let your actions weave a thread of unity. Laugh at the voice(s) in your head, befriend your ego before you listen to that bullshit that tells you to destroy it. That's McDonald's spirituality -- even attempting to get rid of ego means you want to avoid this and move towards that -- creating more of the same inner conflict you're trying to avoid. Inner silence and enviable peace doesn't come from the avoidance of life as it is, It comes from moving as deeply into life as you can. The only way out is in, and the only way beyond is through."

Bryan Ellis

Om shanti, namaste, haux haux, may the force be with you, asante sana squashed banana.