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Touching the Void


For those that are ready to take their consiousness to a new level of awareness. The blog discusses everything from shamanism, soul retrieval, universal soul retrieval, plants, nutrition, psychedelics, environment and life. 


Touching the Void

Neil Kirwan

There's a place I go

A place we all know

A lonely place

Where nothing will glow

A darkness so deep

No walls will it keep

It shall swallow you whole

Till tears you will weep

The dark centre of all, in the song we all sing. The beginning, the end, the neither, the nothing.

A dwelling of darkness beyond space and time, here in the eternal, the truth I will find.

Some call it death, a place to grieve, but in this darkness, death is reprieve.

As creation sucks dry, itself it goes into, there’s nothing to stop it and nothing to save you.

All your memories swirl, the universe folds in. You scramble for help, but there’s no-one to listen. 

No one to hear you, no help forthcoming, cos you made them all up, and from that there’s no running.

You made it ALL UP, what a big phoney, it’s alway just you. And now you’re so lonely.

You were it, you were all. The rise and the fall. Observer and object whilst lost in a thrall.

And now here you sit, or lie you know not, for there’s nothing to lie on. Not even a jot.

What was it about, can I ask why?

Around goes the question, then back to the I.

It was you all along, the creator of all. You went so big and now you feel small.

Alone in the darkness with no-one to speak with, no-one to hold you, not a sound… not a riff.

Why couldn’t you see, living so nonchalant, now alone in the darkness, asking what do I want?

Where are my loved ones, the people I care for, I don’t want to lose them, go back to before.

Oh what I’d give now, please walk through a door, I’d love them so much, I’d love them much more.

And not just my close ones, the rest of them too, all of the people, yes I’m talking to you.

I loved it all, both sides of duality, spinning through darkness, one total reality.

The experience, the dance, the gift that keeps giving, it was art all along, an expression of living.

It was me all along, I can be right or be wrong, no reason or rhyme to my glorious song.

Nothing will matter, the dance has no reason, it moves and it flows through cycle and season. 

Did I just say matter? I remember the fabric, the consciousness moving to noise like a chatter. 

Yes there is the tick tock, the sway of creation, the colours, the swirls in moving gestation.

Lets bring it all back, the power in my finger, yes lets bring them back, for here I can’t linger.

I must keep moving, through change after change, flowing and growing, no home on the range.

Oh there are my fingers, lets wiggle some toes. The dance must go on, it flows and it flows.

No longer lonely, in awe of the magic to live without grace, would truly be tragic. 

And that’s what I did, I must’ve forgotten, to live and to love myself up from the bottom. 

To play and to laugh and to run and to cry, to enjoy this life through my wonderful eye.

Oh there is my eye, my word I can see, and look what now, I’ve created a tree.

Yes there are the trees on a beautiful planet, a place where I live and others inhabit.

The others are me but lets have separation, lets give them a name, lets give them location.

Lets all have free will, to do as we please, to jump and to scream or pray on our knees.

And here we are now, all fighting and loving, singing and dancing, pushing and shoving. 

The noise of the world going mad in a seizure, the rest have forgotten, they still have amnesia

Yes this is existence, the one I remember. Lets have it all back, but lets make it better.

I may be a human, but I’m the creator, I make the rules, I am the narrator.

Back out we step, to the garden of eden, the coming the going, the movement the freedom.

Who is that voice, oh you’ll be my ego, do you know what’s needed, is that something you know?

Yes who are you now, and what is your role, to do your best, to give it control?

Control of the dance and the people around me, confusion and conflict now harder to see,

the love and the thanks when I set myself free.

So why are you here, and what what is your action? You say its for realness, to give it all traction?

To keep it alive, to keep it all flowing, there must be experience, I can’t be all knowing.

Ok so you’re vital, to make it all mesh, not something to lose but something to cherish.

Well lets make friends ego, and care for each other, sister to sister, brother to brother.

And that is how, we see through our eyes, to keep this whole thing, real and alive.

We give up control and let the dance rise, not knowing it’s heading, don’t spoil the surprise.

We laugh we cry, we love, we die, have fun, get hurt, get bored and sigh. We do and we be, we hear and we see, experience it all, give thanks we are free.

And within all the love, we experience it all, we hurt, we enslave, we suffer control.

The side that gives one, will give to the other. The father that crosses the bridge to the mother.

And now you know, to forget it again, in and out, like some kind of game.

I know not where it’s going, but that is OK, no matter what happens…

I’m always at play.

Tears of joy

and thanks Ayahuasca, 

for tuning me in, 

to life ever after.

Artwork: By Trevor Hamlett