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Aliens Part 3


For those that are ready to take their consiousness to a new level of awareness. The blog discusses everything from shamanism, soul retrieval, universal soul retrieval, plants, nutrition, psychedelics, environment and life. 


Aliens Part 3

Neil Kirwan


I teamed up with the knowledgable Keith Robinson once more to discuss the phenomena of Abductions, in part three of our mini series on aliens or ETs. This video was prompted after reading Abduction, by John E Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist turned investigator. He delves deeper with abduction victims through the medium of hypnosis, and using his background in psychiatry, is well placed to make assessments regarding their mental health and the truth of their statements. What he discovers is a series of mentally stable people who all have accounts that authenticate and corroborate each other's experiences.

On the back of this, Keith and I speak about the experience of abduction and I give testimony to some of my own experiences with ETs.


In another fascinating episode, Keith and Neil talk about Alien Abductions.