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For those that are ready to take their consiousness to a new level of awareness. The blog discusses everything from shamanism, soul retrieval, universal soul retrieval, plants, nutrition, psychedelics, environment and life. 


Ayahuasca and Anahuasca

Neil Kirwan

In many European retreat centres I see that an Analogue version of Ayahuasca is being served. This analogue version of Ayahuasca is not Ayahuasca, it’s a disservice to advertise these plants as such and misinforms retreat participants. That’s not to say these plants don’t have healing properties and can’t be useful in their own way. I still work with these plants myself. They are simply not Ayahuasca. 

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Seeing Clearly with Sage

Neil Kirwan

In particular I’ve learnt that my ego is sacred too and to consciously make space for its wants and needs is the key to a balanced, healthy life. It’s easy to get waylaid by the trappings of many so called ‘spiritual paths’ and the expectations that go with them. It’s easy to forget what we came here for. 

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Indigenous White People

Neil Kirwan

When you speak to the tribal elders that really know what’s going on, they aren’t holding their hands out for help, or begging the white man to preserve their culture. They take full responsibility for that role themselves. They pity us, they say help yourselves. How can you help us keep our culture and land, when you have lost your own and do nothing?

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