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Ayahuasca and Huachuma retreats

Ayahuasca and Huachuma retreats in Portugal. Ayahuasca Portugal and Huachuma Portugal. Offering safe retreats in Europe.

Image: Trevor Hamlett


Ayahuasca and huachuma Retreats

We offer healing retreats where participants are invited into a safe and welcoming healing space. In this space they will embark on a journey of exploration of the self and the multiverse, while being healed with love and challenged with respect.  We aim to provide the perfect setting for your journey; you will learn to reconnect with nature, the healing plants, spirit, and each other. 

Core Aims

To provide a safe and welcoming healing space

To heal with love

To challenge with respect

To reconnect people with the plants, nature, spirit and each other

To leave people in awe at the mystery of life, celebrating the universal love through song, dance and laughter

On a regular basis we hold four day retreats in the south of Portugal just a short drive from Faro airport.

The retreat centre is beautifully secluded and purpose built for healing, wellness and medicine ceremonies. Not far from the beach and beautiful lagoons with waterfalls, its connection with nature is perfect for the medicine work.

We welcome a wide range of people on my retreats from all over the world. No matter your profession or background you will be treated with care and respect.

We look forward to seeing you on retreat and placing myself in your service.

Upcoming retreats

 March 8th -11th 2019, Portugal

September 10th-13th 2019, Portugal

November 8th-11th 2019, Portugal

Price inc food and accommodation: £495 

Deposit to secure your place: £155

The retreats consist of:

Day 1, 6pm:  We welcome you to the retreat and participants can spend some time getting to know each other. Our first ayahuasca ceremony commences after dark.

Day 2:  Breakfast and integration are followed by a wild water experience. After lunch there will be time to rest and recuperate.  We then engage in shamanic work, which precedes the second ayahuasca ceremony.

Day 3:  We start with a light breakfast, followed by an integration session, which gets us ready for the Huachuma ceremony.  This commences with a walk in nature, before we return to the retreat. Dinner is served later and is part of the experience. 

Day 4: Breakfast and integration, followed by a closing ceremony. All finishes at midday.

Retreats may also include a variety of the following: 

The healing sessions include shamanic sessions (journeying etc.), dance, tarot, meditation, yoga, nature walks, arts and crafts, wild water experience and ancestral healing.